Dynamode One Parallel and Two Serial Ports PCI Controller Card

Dynamode One Parallel and Two Serial Ports PCI Controller Card

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Today's computer's do not include either Serial (RS232) or Parallel (Printer) ports, relying mostly on USB and WiFi(tm). However, there are many legacy applications that still need these tried and trusted interfaces. Examples include Modems, ISDN and redundantly protected business communications. Many professional output devices still use the fast Parallel port and this includes many industrial and military applications.
The newly developed PCI-1P2S features BOTH Serial(RS232) and Parallel ports within a single, Plug n’ Play PCI interface. Split over two, full height riser cards for each port type, means you can easily install the PCI-1P2S in almost any PC, Workstation, Kiosk or Server.
Compatible with most popular operating systems including Windows(tm), DOS(tm) and Linux(tm) runtimes means you now have total legacy connectivity.

    Key features

    Industry-standard Serial (RS232) 9-Pin Ports x2

    Industry-standard Parallel Port (IEEE-1284) Port x1

    Plug n' Play 32-Bit PCI interface card design

    Two full-height riser brackets, for serial and parallel

    Parallel port supports ECP and EPP modes

    RISC architecture improves performance and lifespan

    Ideal for legacy apps: modems, printers, industrial etc

    Compatible with DOS(tm), Windows(tm)XP, 2000(tm)
    Windows(tm)7, Windows(tm)8, Windows(tm)10

    Compatible with Linux(tm) runtimes