Dynamode Single Parallel Port PCI Card

Dynamode Single Parallel Port PCI Card

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Need to connect to legacy Parallel Port devices such as Printers but don't have a Parallel Port on your existing PC or Server?

The new Dynamode PCI-PARALLEL is a fully featured 1-Port full speed IEEE1284 compliant Parallel Port embedded on the industry standard 32-bit PCI bus architecture.

    Key Features

    Industry standard parallel port DB-25 interface

    MOSchip Single ASIC chipset design

    IEEE-1284 compliant for total compatibility

    ECP, EPP, SPP and PS2 protocol support

    Fast data transfer rates supporting up to 1.5mb/sec

    Small footprint 32-bit PCI Bus adaptor

    Fully plug-n-play: Automaticlly slects IRQ and I/O address

    Add a parallel port to any non-parallel port PC or server

    Retail design packaging and CD-Rom Drivers supplied.

More Information

Fully Plug n Play with the Windows and Linux Operating systems the PCI-PARALLEL enjoys advanced features including up to 1.5Mbytes per second transfer rates and complete ECP,EPP and SPP communication protocols as used on advanced Printer Peripherals.

Complete with attractive retail packaging, the Dynamode Parallel Port adapter is your cost effective solution to all your legacy applications.