Tenda AC500 Access Point Controller

Tenda AC500 Access Point Controller

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What It Does

AC500 is an access controller to configure, manage and monitor the fit Aps such as W330A.When you power on the Aps, it discovers Aps in the network automatically and send the initial configuration to the Aps. Then you can manage all the online Aps' description, SSID, Channel, Security, output Power and define different VLAN ID for Aps to bind SSID to VLAN to establish different Internet access right at one place without move everywhere. Hence, AC500 make network administration more easily, more conveniently.

Main Features

Centralized Management
AC500 can manage and monitor all the fit AP such as W330A in the network. You can modify the description,SSID, channel, security, output power for Aps. Also, you can monitor the Aps and clients online status through it.

AP Automatically Discover
After power on the Aps in the network, the Aps will get the IP address from the AC500.And then AC500 will discover all the Aps automatically.

Branch Network Mode
AC500 deploys in branch network mode,you just connect the AC500 to the core switch without changing your network topology.

SSID to VLAN tagging
AC500 support VLAN function, you can define different VLAN ID for each port. Then when manage Aps, you can tag VLAN ID to SSID to establish different Internet access right.

5 Gigabit Ports
Built-in five gigabit ethernet ports, up to 10x data speed as traditional Fast ethernet port to offer faster data transfer.

    Key features


    Maximum Consumption

    5*GE LAN Ports


    SYS, PWR

    IEEE 802.3ab/3u/3

LAN Settings
static IP

DHCP Server for Aps


AP Management Function
Discover AP Automatically;
Distribute Configuration Automatically;
Modify the Description of Aps;
Manage SSID,channel,security,output power;
Monitor the AP online status;
Monitor the wireless clients status;
Upgrade firmware for AP;
Reboot APs at regular time;

Maximum Manage number of Aps

Power Method
AC100�`240V 50/60Hz,0.6A

Maximum SSID

System Tool
Backup&Restore Configuration;
Firmware Upgrade;
System Log

Package Content
1*Access Controller AC500;
1*Power Cord;

Operation Temperature

Storage Temperature

Operating Humidity
10%~90% non-condensing

Storage Humidity
10%~90% non-condensing